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05.10.2021 - Delivery Time Information @MOTORTECH

MOTORTECH informed that due to the global challenges in material procurement and an unusual increased in demand, resulted in an increased delivery time for many products.

Despite our efforts, the current delivery time for many items still remains 12–16 weeks.
-> Please take this into consideration when planning your projects.

This situation will continue at least until the beginning of 2022.


To avoid project delays for yourself and your customers, we ask you to plan ahead as long term as possible.
As soon as we have news, we will inform you immediately.

You can find the official announcement from MOTORTECH HERE

Thank you for your understanding.

23.07.2021 - NEW! Camshafts made in germany

Since spring 2021 we have been supplying our loyal customers with camshafts from our own production. Camshafts from ONERGYS are expertly manufactured in Germany - quality, made in Germany!

More Cramshafts
for MWM® TCG 2016 V12 C
for MWM® TCG 2016 V16
for MWM® TBG 620 V16 K
for MWM® TBG 620 V16 K

30.06.2021 - NEW! febi bilstein

febi Bilstein is a brand of Ferdinand Bilstein GmbH + Co. KG, founded in 1844.

The company is a manufacturer and supplier of spare parts for the automotive aftermarket, both for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, and is based in Ennepetal. With more than 44,000 technical wear parts in its product range, febi is considered No. 1 in the independent aftermarket and is characterized by products in original equipment quality.

As febi is not only a supplier but also a manufacturer, the claim is to provide consumers with alternatives of equal and higher quality to the original parts, which they undoubtedly succeed in doing. This quality is guaranteed by a comprehensive quality management system in which all products, whether own initial samples or series products, or just as the incoming goods are subjected to the most precise detailed inspections.

Engine components from exhaust valves to cylinder heads are one of the main production focuses of Bilstein GmbH and run through almost the entire production chain at febi on 10,000 square meters.

We at ONERGYS are also aware of the highest quality of wear parts from febi and are therefore constantly expanding our range with top products from Ferdinand Bilstein GmbH.


Our febi bilstein® topsellers
Cylinder Head Bolt Set febi bilstein 11727
suitable for various MAN® engines
suitable for MAN®
E2842 - E2848 - E2876
suitable for various MAN® engines

suitable for various MAN® engines

24.03.2021 - NEW! Donaldson

Founded in 1915, Donaldson Company Inc, also known as Donaldson Filtration, is an American filtration solutions manufacturer based in Bloomington, Minnesota in the United States and is one of the most respected filtration companies.
Donaldson employs approximately 14,000 people worldwide, providing the highest quality filtration products to more than 24 industries.
Also Donaldson researches and develops filtration solutions in more than 100 laboratories and already holds more than 2,400 active patents around the world.
The products manufactured meet the highest quality requirements and guarantee fast assembly and high functional reliability thanks to their precision-fit processing.
Donaldson stands for state-of-the-art technology and continuous development progress.

We at ONERGYS carry over 6000 different Donaldson items, whether oil filters, air filters, fuel filters or various accessories and spare parts.
As an official reseller for Donaldson filter products, ONERGYS is your ideal contact.


Donaldson-Oelfilter-oil-filter Donaldson-Luftfilter-air-filter Donaldson-Kraftstofffilter-Hydraulik-filter
More Donaldson products
Ölfilter Donaldson P502513
CAT® 1234 3124 - suitable for MWM® TCG 2016,2020,604,616,620
suitable for Caterpillar®, MTU®, Volvo®
for various MAN® motors
suitable for various motors

15.12.2020 - Delay in delivery

Information from DHL, updated 15.12.2020 (

Dear Customer,

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, we would like to update you potential impacts of the virus on Deutsche Post DHL dispatch and delivery services. Due to the current rise in parcel volumes and more stringent COVID safety measures, the delivery of shipments may be subject to delays in certain cases. We ask for your understanding in such instances.

Currently there are no restrictions to our mail service within Germany, and no restrictions to services provided at our retail outlets and DHL Paketshops. We generally recommend contactless delivery options whenever possible; this means specifying a Preferred location where our deliverers can drop-off your parcels, or addressing parcels directly to a Packstation.


04.12.2020 - Annual inventory

From Friday, 04.12. up to and including Monday, 07.12.2020 our annual inventory will take place.
During this time period no shipping can take place.
In addition, we are only able to offer limited telephone support during this period.
From Tuesday, 08.12. we are available for you as usual.

In urgent emergencies please send us an e-mail to

Many thanks for your understanding. 

28.10.2020 - air cleaner

Protect yourself throughout the second wave of COVID-19
The current developments of the Corona pandemic are highly dynamic as the number of cases are increasing globally again. The upcoming seasons of autumn and winter reveal new challenges as the ventilation of classrooms, the operating of a gastronomy, and general facets of work and private life become more difficult. Protect students, employees and customers from indirect infections caused by contaminated aerosols in the air. reduces the viral load in an 80 m² room by 90% after 30 minutes and by more than 50% after only 10 minutes.
    All advantages at a glance
  • Filtration efficiency of ≥ 99,995 % through HEPA-H14-filter
  • Protection against indirect infections
  • Reduction of the viral load by 90% after 30 minutes and 50% after 10 minutes
  • High air recirculation
  • Continuous reduction of particulate matter, allergens, bacteria and viruses
  • Flow-optimized design
  • No UV-C-radiation necessary
  • Customized performance adjustments
  • Portable and user-friendly
  • Permanent operation possible
  • Best possible air recirculation without creating draughts through Power Diffusor Technology
  • Robust design, low price
  • Made in Germany
Technical information
Product name
1.95 x 0.73 x 0.54 m (with handles and door)
85 kg
55 dB(A) - ound pressure level at 1m distance at nominal volume flow
Nominal volume flow
1.150 m³/h
Max. air performance
1.800 m³/h
Air exchange rate
6 x per hour for a room up to 80 m²
Electric current
230 Volt / 50Hz
Power consumption at nominal volume flow
250 Watt
Filter efficiency
≥ 99,995 % of all particles including bacteria and viruses
Filter combination
F7 (ePM1-50% according to ISO 16890) and H14-HEPA (EN1822-2019) filter set
More Hengst products
Ölfilter Hengst H300W08
for MWM TCG2016, 2020, 604, 616, 620, CG170, CG132
Ölfilter Hengst E251H D11
with seal kit, for Mercedes-Benz
Ölfilter Hengst E422H D86
for MAN
Ölfilterelement Hengst E161H D28
for 2G Agenitor, Hagl, MTU and more

22.04.2020 - NEW! Hengst Filter

Founded in 1958 and based in Münster, Germany, Hengst is a global company specializing in the production of filters for vehicles. Its 2,500 filter products for passenger cars and commercial vehicles include oil filters, fuel filters, air filters and special applications. Hengst is a development partner and original equipment manufacturer for international engine manufacturers, supplying filters to around 600 dealers worldwide. Hengst filters and meet the highest quality standards. All products are manufactured to fit perfectly and therefore ensure quick and easy installation and high functional reliability. Even industrial and unusual engine conditions can be mastered. Hengst products are manufactured according to the highest technical standards and are tested using the most stringent quality features. For more than 55 years, Hengst has been developing filtration products and systems. Every new product goes through an extensive development and testing phase before it is allowed to bear the name Hengst. Filters from Hengst are always the latest state of the art.


Hengst-Oelfilter-oil-filter Hengst-Luftfilter-air-filter Hengst-Kraftstofffilter-fuel-filter
Hengst oil filters clean the oil circuit of contaminants efficiently and are particularly robust, durable, and service-friendly. Hengst quality air filters protect engines and electronic components by cleaning the intake air efficiently and reliably. Hengst fuel filters maintain the operational safety of the engine and protect the injection system from contamination.

18.04.2020 - NEW! WEICON Adhesives and sealants

Our range of adhesives and sealants available online has increased through new products of WEICON. silicone, anti-seize, plast-o-seal, thread sealing cord and many other Weicon products.

These special sealants and adhesives can now also be found in our product range.


16.03.2020 - COVID-19 Information

Dear customers, suppliers and partners

We all are in the face of an unprecedented challenge at the moment. Of course, you are worried about how we deal with the current COVID-19 situation. ONERGYS has already taken far-reaching measures to prevent further spread and contamination. The health and safety of our employees, customers and partners remain our top priority.

We are available and able to deliver!  

Despite numerous restrictions, we have managed to keep our shipping and service at the usual high level and protect the employees at the same time. Our office activities were moved to the home office as far as possible. In our business premises and our shipping warehouse, the hygiene and behavioral instructions published by the Federal Centre for Health continue to apply. Here we work with a minimum staffing level in order to ensure the dispatch and the processes as usual.

Due to our high storage capacities, we are able to deliver incoming orders as usual and without any problems at the moment. The internal processes function smoothly. Should this situation change, we will inform you immediately.

Please note that due to the current situation, there may always be a delay in the shipping route or the tracking process of your order. Our shipping partners report a 100% availability at the moment.

In part, due to the high volume of shipments, there are delays in delivery and customs clearance at borders worldwide. This also applies to delivery by our suppliers. We are in close contact here to ensure continuous delivery, so that we can continue to supply the usual spare parts in sufficient quantities. Within the scope of possibilities, we have increased our safety stock.

 "First come, first served!"

Incoming orders are processed according to the "first come, first served" principle, i.e. in the chronological order of their incoming dates. Please place your order at to get an order/transaction number directly. On our webshop you will also find the current availability -> Green traffic light = item is available from stock. Yellow traffic light = item has been ordered from our supplier, goods receipt is expected. In case of doubt, we recommend the shipping method "Express" if you need to order items in a time-critical manner.

We have no influence on any delivery delay by the shipping service providers. However, we make sure that your orders leave our warehouse on time. Should there nevertheless be due to the occurrence of force majeure or problems with delivery by the forwarding agents, ONERGYS shall not be liable for any delays or any additional costs or damages incurred as a result, since delivery is the responsibility of the shipping partner falls.

Suppliers and logistics partners struggle with restrictions and high volumes

The logistics situation is stable. Except for restriction from a few postcode areas in Europe, there are no areas that could not be served at present. The situation at border crossings has been partly changed by controls, with no restrictions on the movement of goods. Border closures, entry bans, restrictions at local, regional and international levels can make deliveries and pick-ups more difficult or, in exceptional cases, no longer possible. 

Please allow enough time for a delay in delivery!

The goods leave our warehouse on time, but the running times are extended and there may be delays. We are not going to make firm deadlines in the current situation, as we cannot guarantee them. Of course, in cooperation with our partners and suppliers, despite adverse circumstances, we try to get your shipment on its way in the usual ONERGYS quality and speed. Please check in advance whether a smooth delivery is currently possible for you. Please also help us with a telephone number and a contact person for making communication and coordination possible in context of delivery. 

Please contact us!

We are available by phone and email, as usual. If you are unable to reach your personal contact, please contact one of the following central e-mail addresses:  

For questions about existing orders, deliveries and export:
For questions to the accounting department or for payments:
For questions about purchasing:

Please stay at home and stay healthy!

All prices are net, plus the applicable VAT and plus transportation, freight and packaging costs. Deliveries are made exclusively to business customers.
The reference numbers given are for the purposes of comparison only.