Registration: Why should I register with ONERGYS?

As a registered customer in our B2B shop you have numerous advantages and get individual special conditions for replacement and consumable parts for your cogeneration power plant. Storing the technical data and the configuration of your cogeneration power plant makes it significantly easier and more certain when assigning the appropriate components and parts for your facility. In this way we can minimise "wrong orders" and returns. In addition, we can optimise our inventory and always supply the correct items that are required. We pass on these advantages to our registered customers in the form of special terms and conditions

The ordering process for registered customers with the stored delivery and invoice addresses is significant easier and more secure. Along the way, you always have an overview of your facilities and can call up the maintenance status and ordering history online at any time. If you are thus a cogeneration power plant operator  or service provider  then ONERGYS is perfect for you.

For customers who operate or supervise multiple facilities we set up personal access for the relevant operations manager or service staff with the corresponding facility assignment. The terms and conditions and any credit limits that have been agreed then apply across the board for all the facilities. You can find out more on the page "...for operators of energys parks".

HERE you can register. We would be glad to help you if you should have any questions or require support when logging in. Simply telephone us at +49 (0) 2831-12158-0 or send an e-mail to info@onergys.de.


Logging in: How do I register with ONERGYS?

In order to log into our online shop, please click at the top right onto "Register?login here". As a new customer, you will be guided automatically through the subsequent registration process. if you already have a login and password then you can log in at any time with your customer number or e-mail address and your password and then manage and use all the functions under the heading "My account". We would be glad to help you if you should have any questions or require support when logging in.

HERE you can log in. We would be glad to help you if you should have any questions or require support when logging in. Simply telephone us at +49 (0) 2831-12158-0 or send an e-mail to info@onergys.de.


B2B: Can I also order from ONERGYS as an ordinary customer?

ONERGYS is purely a B2B (Business to Business) shop. What we have to offer is aimed exclusively at commercial customers and business operators. In the registration process you must input the corresponding data (VAT number, details on the company), and then click on the checkbox to confirm your input. We check this data as part of the approval process.


Access data forgotten: What should I do if I cannot log in any longer or if I have forgotten my password?

If you cannot log in any longer using your access data of if you have forgotten your password, we would ask you to use the "Password forgotten" function (to be found at the top right under the ONERGYS login) to request a new password. In this way you can get a new password and subsequently log in with your customer number or e-mail address and your new password at www.onergys.de. If for some reason the new login data is not accepted in the shop, then please give us your name and customer number via database@onergys.de or else by telephone at +49(0)2831-121580­. We will deal with your problem as quickly as possible and contact you..


Ordering status and history: Can I view my orders online?

Yes. Once you have registered you can view the status of all the information of your orders online in our customer account.


Sticky notes: How can I use my sticky notes?

You can save interesting articles very easily by using a personal "sticky note" in your customer account. To do this, simply choose on the article detail page the option "On the sticky note " - and the article has been saved for you. In this way you can put together and save articles without any hurry. And if you decide later to buy them online, you can of course move the articles from your sticky note into the basket. You can of course remove the articles again from the sticky note at any time.


Articles and availability: What happens if an article is not in stock or if I require an article that is not offered in the shop?

No problem - we give you an individual quotation and obtain the article for you! ONEGYS has a comprehensive and modern stock of parts in inventory. Nonetheless, it can still happen that an article is not in stock at that time or we do not list the article in the shop . Simply inform us about the required article (manufacturer, part number, specifications and number required) and we deal with the matter directly. Simply send your request to enquiry@onergys.de or telephone us at +49 (0) 2831 - 12 15 8 0.

We send items in stock within a short time of receiving the order. Here we work together with experienced and international logistics partners. The shipping costs and delivery time depend on the item(s) to be sent (package or freight)n , the selected form of shipping (standard or express) and the relevant destination country. You can find further information under "Shipping and charges". 

We are always interested in delivering your articles as quickly as possible and hence minimising the downtime of your chp plant or facilities.


Master data: Can I amend my addresses and master data at ONERGYS?

Yes, you can. During the registration process and when creating your cogeneration power plant and facility data you save the corresponding data such as contact information, billing and delivery addresses. On the basis of this data and our agreement we save for you your individual terms and conditions and features. What counts here, for example, is the facility assignment and the illustration of complex corporate structures. In order to prevent inconsistencies and errors, more major changes can only be made via ONERGYS and through personal contact. We would be very glad to support you in this, just give us a call! Phone +49 (0) 2831- 12 15 80 or wirte an email to database@onergys.de


Cookies: What are cookies and what are they used for?

In order to place an order with ONERGYS your browser settings must allow the writing of so-called cookies on your computer. Cookies are small text files that are saved on your computer by our Website and so help us to recognise you again. Cookies are not in a position to take any actions by themselves. If you do not permit cookies you can still move freely around our Website and also look around the shop. However, you cannot put any articles in the shopping basket and hence also cannot complete an order. The "My sticky notes" service is also not available to you.


Data privacy and encryption: What does ONERGYS do to protect my data?

The protection of your personal data is very important to us. You can find details on this in the Terms and conditions of business and the data privacy declaration within them. Data is securely encrypted in transmission at ONERGYS. For this purpose we use a GeoTrust Business ID certificate with EV. Secure 256-bit encryption secures your data accordingly. You can recognise the active certificate in the green toolbar of your browser during the checkout process for your purchase. 


Password security: How can I change my password as I wish?

With your personal ONERGYS login you can access all your data very quickly. By using the "My account" function you can amend your password at any time, and manage account information, facility and module data and your personal data, your newsletter or your sticky notes. When you enter a password we give you vital hints on what criteria you need to follow so as to create a secure password. We would be glad to help you if you should have any questions or require support.


Shipping and costs: How is shipping done and what does it cost?

The shipping costs and delivery time depend on the item(s) to be sent (package or freight)n , the selected form of shipping (standard or express) and the relevant destination country. ONERGYS works together with experienced and reliable partners. You can find further information under "Shipping and charges". 


Immediate bank transfer: How secure is may data when using immediate bank transfer as a form of payment?

An immediate bank transfer is a TÜV-certified system for online payment based on proven online banking methods using PIN/TAN input for the secure, safe and rapid handling of your online purchases. The system accepts the same PIN and recognises the valid TAN of your bank, since you log into your bank with this data. The order is processed directly after the payment has been approved by your bank. Immediately after you have completed your order at ONERGYS you can make the bank transfer directly under onergys.de. This means that it is not necessary to switch to the Internet page of your bank. The data of your order for your bank transfer has already been filled in (invoice amount, payment recipient, order number, etc.). This avoids the tedious and error-prone typing in and filling in of the bank transfer form.


Payment in advance: All information on payment in advance

The simply way to pay if you are not yet a customer at ONERGYS or if you wish to place your first order.

It functions as easily as this: All the details such as the bank data, amount, etc. that you require to pay for your order are given on the screen in your order confirmation once you have sent the order and also with your order confirmation that is sent by e-mail. If you order by post, fax or telephone, and depending what data we already have on you, you get by e-mail, post or fax all the important information that you need to complete your order as quickly as possible.

Please note that we can reserve the goods for you for 5 days as a rule and that a bank transfer only takes 2-3 days as a rule. If we do not get any payment within this period, then we reserve the right to cancel the reservation.


PayPal: How does payment via PayPal work?

Using PayPal you can pay for your purchases easily, securely and quickly. 

It functions as easily as this: You pay very easily with just two mouse-clicks, without entering bank account or credit card data. Your PayPal account only needs to be set up once. Simply select the "PayPal" option when placing your online order. After the order is sent you are automatically passed on to the secure payment form of PayPal. If you already have a PayPal account, then all you need to do is to log in. Otherwise, click on "Set up account" and follow the instructions. We get your payment within a few seconds and your goods can be sent out immediately, subject to availability. This means that your bank account and credit card data are not passed on to third parties. By the way, payment with PayPal is always at no charge for the buyer. 


Customer service and contact: How and when can I contact ONERGYS?

In principle, at any time! Our online shop is available to you around the clock, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. With our comprehensive functionalities , such as, for example, the automatic assignment of articles and the facility database, we largely got rid of any possible sources of error when placing orders. If you should require help when registering or ordering or if you have a personal question regarding your own account or an article, then you can reach us via the following contact data:


Monday - Friday from 08:00 AM to 18:00 PM

Phone: +49 (0) 2831 - 12158-0  

Fax:   +49 (0) 2831 - 12158-99

Email:  info@onergys.de


All prices are net, plus the applicable VAT and plus transportation, freight and packaging costs. Deliveries are made exclusively to business customers.
The reference numbers given are for the purposes of comparison only.