Deposit Value Regulations

1. For the delivery of exchange parts (“reman parts”) with deposit value, the return of an identical old part is the basis and an essential requirement of the offer and the order. Therefore, the return shipment by the customer is very important. The respective deposit value is stated in the offer, the order confirmation and on the invoice. These deposit value regulations are accepted and settled by the customer when the order is placed and are an integral part of the contract.

2. The returned used parts must be of the same type and specification as the overhauled and reconditioned parts delivered by ONERGYS. The return delivery must take place within 30 days after delivery of the overhauled parts at the latest. The freight costs are borne by the customer. The return of the used parts by the customer must be made to the following address:

Nordwall 39
47608 Geldern (Germany)

3. Upon receipt, ONERGYS will carry out an inspection. The used parts must be free of cracks and fractures, as well as commercially re-manufacturable. If parts do not meet these requirements, an additional amount corresponding to the deposit value will be charged. If the parts are returned after the deadline of 30 days, only 70% of the deposit value will be refunded. If the used parts are not returned, an additional amount corresponding to the deposit value is payable and will be invoiced 35 days after delivery.

4. A joint inspection and examination with the customer and, if necessary, in the presence of an expert or insurer is only possible after prior agreement. Therefore, the customer must ensure that all inspections by experts, insurers and the customer have been completed and that there are no third-party claims regarding the used parts. All parts which can be overhauled go into the reconditioning process directly after inspection and are no longer available. All parts which cannot be reconditioned are stored for a period of four weeks and scrapped at the end of this period.

All prices are net, plus the applicable VAT and plus transportation, freight and packaging costs. Deliveries are made exclusively to business customers.
The reference numbers given are for the purposes of comparison only.