Ultrasonic cleaning set

>Ultrasonic cleaning set - ultrasonic unit & special cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaning set - ultrasonic unit & special cleaner

Spark plugs are very sensitive and highly complex components. Regular and thorough cleaning as well as the correct assembly of the spark plugs is of utmost importance for the efficient operation of a gas engine.

As a specialist for gas engines, ONERGYS.de offers you two tailor-made solutions, which ensure a proper installation and cleaning of this important wearing part, thus optimizing the service life of the spark plugs.

Clean combustion ensures stable exhaust gas values, low gas consumption (NOx) & and the smooth running of your gas engine. Due to rapidly increasing costs of spark plugs raw material, cleaning with ultrasonic is becoming even more and more economical. The service life of your spark plug can be extended thanks to professional cleaning.

In cooperation with BANDELIN, our partner for ultrasonic devices made in Germany, we have developed an ultrasonic cleaning device especially for spark plugs. Everything you need for cleaning your spark plugs has already been bundled in one set so that you can start right away.

Key advantages

  • longer spark plug life

  • purchase set

  • suitable for all spark plug types

  • less time and effort required

  • effortless cleaning

  • easy to use

  • complete removal of all combustion residues

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