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Oil filter Fleetguard LF16129 - MWM 12128936

for MWM 2016,2020,604,616,620 all,CG170,CG132 all

Art.No.: 30000748

Weight: 2.02 kg
available from the supplier‘s warehouse. Delivery time: 4 - 10 days
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List Price
Oil filter
Fleetguard LF16129
MWM/DEUTZ 12128936 ; 1212 8936 ; 1212-8936
MWM 6.0541.29.7.0039 ; 605412970039
CATERPILLAR 12343124 ; 1234-3124 ; 1234 3124
MANN W 13 145/1; W13/145-1; W131451
Donaldson P502513
Hengst H300W8
Baldwin B7157
HAMM 400 005.2009 ; 4000052009 
2G 32090-00028; 2G 320900028
Hifi So7038

alternative for MWM 2016, 2020, 604, 616, 234, 620
and Caterpillar CG170, CG132 engines.

Eigenschaft Wert
Motortyp TBG 234V6,TBG 234V8,TBG 604BL6,TCG 2016V8C,TBG 604BV8,TBG 616V16,TBG 604CV8,TCG 2016V12,TCG 2016V12C,TBG 604BV12,TCG 2016V16,TBG 604CV12,TCG 2016V16C,TBG 604BV16,TCG 2020V12K,TCG 2020V12,TCG 2020V16K,TCG 2020V16,TCG 2020V20,TBG 632V12,TBG 632V16,TBG 620V16K,TBG 616V8,TBG 234V12,TCG 2032V12,TBG 616V8K,TCG 2032V16,TBG 616V12,TBG 616V12K,TBG 616V16K,TBG 620V12K,TCG 2015V8
Original / Alternative Alternative (OEM + Aftermarket)
Brand Reference No.
Enspaer SKU 128268
MWM 12128936
HAMM 4000052009
MWM 605000000000
DEUTZ 1212-8936
Caterpillar 1234-3124
HAMM 400 005.2009
MWM 6.0541.29.7.0039
LUPAMAT VK-1580.00
MANN-FILTER W 13 145/1
Hengst H300W08

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