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Ultrasonic basic cleaning set ONE178

for all spark plug types

Art.No.: 60000178

Weight: 8.5 kg
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The ONE178 ultrasonic cleaning set can significantly extend the service life of high-quality industrial spark plugs. 
The set consists of:
Powerful 480/120Watt ultrasonic cleaning device
Spark plug holder
A clean combustion ensures stable exhaust gas values (NOx) and running behavior of the CHP.  Due to the rapidly rising spark plug prices, the ultrasonic cleaning of your spark plugs becomes even more economical, up to 1000 hours (depending on type), your spark plugs can last longer by ultrasonic cleaning.
Effortlessly remove encrusted sulfur compounds, silicon oxide encrustations and soot deposition of oil charcoal/Ash from your spark plugs. With ultrasonic cleaning, the high-quality and difficult-to-accessible Jenbacher® spark plugs are again like new. Shielded spark plugs and pre-chamber holes of the pre-chamber spark plugs become free again in one operation.
ONERGYS focuses on quality and has found a "Made in Germany" partner in BANDELIN, which has been producing ultrasonic devices itself since 1955.
Increase the service life of your spark plugs and save a lot of money.

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